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Direct Service Purchase (DSP) Vendors

The Area Agency on Aging 1-B maintains a pool of direct service purchase vendors. These providers provide direct care and services for people enrolled in AAA 1-B programs such as MI-Choice or the Community Living Program.

For more information on becoming one of our vendors, please review the Operational Guidelines and the various program service standards. (Please see the links below.)

Important Documents:

For Prospective Vendors:

For Existing Vendors:

AAA 1-B Policies 

AAA 1-B Direct Service Purchase Operational Guidelines (Last updated October 2019):

Minimum Operating Standards (Last updated October 2019):

Insurance Certificates:

WellSky/Harmony How-To Guides:

MSA Bulletins:

Other References:

We are now actively enrolling in our MI Choice In-home Care Program!

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