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Caregiver Friendly Communities Assessment

Understand How Your Community Can Better Support Family Caregivers

illustration of different community supports for family caregiversThe Caregiver Friendly Communities Assessment is an online tool that objectively measures how well a community (any city, township, village or county) supports informal or family caregivers (those people who are providing unpaid care to an aging or chronically ill parent, grandparent, sibling, spouse, partner or other loved one).

Our assessment will measure how well your community is performing across eight different support domains important to family caregivers.

  1. In-Home Care and Respite
  2. Care Management
  3. Caregiver Training and Education
  4. Caregiver Social/Emotional Support
  5. Financial & Legal Support
  6. Healthcare Services
  7. Transportation
  8. Housing

Based on your answers, we will provide a caregiver friendliness score for your community (based on a 100-point scale) and a custom report listing the strengths and weaknesses of your community, along with recommendations for areas of improvement. You can then use the report to explore our Best Practices Section for each support domain.

Who should participate in the assessment process?illustration of people moving together oversized puzzle pieces

  • Aging network professionals
  • Advocates
  • Community leaders
  • City and county employees

How does it work?

Download the pdf first so you can think through your responses

Start by downloading a pdf version of the assessment that you can print out and use to think through the questions before finalizing your answers online. It might be good to work as a team–recruiting one or two other people in your community who can can give their perspective as well. You can then meet and compare thoughts before entering answers for your community.

There are two different versions of the assessment: One designed for those who would like to assess countywide resources and one for those who would like to assess resources at a city/township level.

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Enter your answers online

Once you have an understanding of your answers, you can complete the assessment online. It should only take about 15  minutes to complete. Once you hit the Complete the Assessment button, you’ll move to the Learning Ninjas website. Learning Ninjas is hosting the online assessment and helping with tracking, compiling and analyzing data.

Get your results and take action

Once you’re done with the assessment, you will receive an email with a custom report for your community. It will list your community’s strengths and weaknesses  and let you know in which of the eight support domains you may need to improve. You can then return to this  website to browse the Best Practices (see below) for each domain to understand what  practical steps your community can take to improve support for family caregivers.

Questions and more info?

Amanda Sears is available to answer questions and provide help. You can reach Amanda by email or by phone at (248) 262-9222.

Best Practices

We have collected Best Practices in each of our eight support domains. Use these for inspiration and understanding and to build a community that better supports family caregivers and older adults.