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Have you been thinking
about changing your
current living situation?
Maybe you’ve experienced an event that impacts your health or safety. Maybe you need to downsize for financial reasons. Or maybe you just want a fresh start.Whatever the reason, you have lots of choices.
Taylor said, “We spend time discussing the differences between the various types of communities, care needs, geographical preferences and budget, while reducing stress and saving valuable time. We meet people where they’re at both physically and emotionally and we go from there.”
Sue and Greg were grateful for the services provided by PCS. “Not only do they assist you in finding an appropriate facility, they also go with you to tour facilities, picking you up and dropping you off as needed, while addressing all of your concerns.” She added, “They’re compassionate placement people, not a sales organization.”
It’s a good idea to look at many places. Sue said, “The more you look, the more you get a feel for the right environment. You can spend the day at the places you like.” She continued, “Many facilities have respite stays for up to two weeks so you can try it out to see if it’s a good fit.”
Senior Placement companies can help you find help with Veteran’s benefits, Medicare and Medicaid. “PCS is such a knowledgeable resource for funding. And they’re great at negotiating the best rates because they know the corporate owners and administrators, as well as the insider information
a layman wouldn’t necessarily know.”
“The more you look, the more you get a feel for the right environment. You can spend the day at the places you like.”
However, wading through all of the housing options can be daunting. You could do the research on your own using helpful free guides like Alternatives for Seniors or websites like,,, and nursinghomecompare.
Or, you could get help from a senior placement company like Parent’s Changing Spaces, Care Patrol, Next Steps 4 Seniors, Michigan Senior Resources, Senior Housing Services and others. You could take advantage of free professional guidance like these to help you make an informed decision. They’ve done the research. They can serve as your personal guide to the places that match your lifestyle, budget and needs.
That’s what Sue and her husband Greg did. Sue and Greg had been wrestling with what the next steps might be for their parents, when the necessity of the situation appeared all at once. Sue explained, “Greg’s parents Bern and Dotty were in their nineties, fiercely independent, and both had good cognitive function. Fortunately, they had the resources for assisted living.” Bern and Dotty were visiting their doctors more often and needed to be closer to where their care was being delivered, but they resisted
the idea of moving. “Greg’s parent’s valued their independence and wanted as much space as possible.” While that was happening, Sue’s father Harold was living alone. “He was experiencing signs of dementia and exhibiting behaviors,” said Sue. There were multiple challenges in finding the right place, due to his health and limited resources. Hearing of Sue’s dilemma,
a friend recommended the services of Parents Changing Spaces (PCS) in Rochester Hills.
Sue and her father, Harold
Senior Living Referral Specialist Jennifer Taylor of PCS said, “Often, the timing and costs are unexpected and when you review the housing options on your own it can be confusing.” She noted that families usually seek help when they are in crisis mode. “Everyone tends to be in a very emotional place
and it’s important to be a good listener so we can understand the root cause of the emotions and work on solutions to reduce the stress and toll this transition can have on a family,” explained Taylor. PCS Founder Cindy Morley said, “The simplest way to think about what we do is that we are like a realtor for seniors. Similar to realtors, our client services are complimentary. We receive a referral fee or commission from the senior community, when the client is comfortable and established in their home.”

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