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Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan Choices

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Open Enrollment for Medicare Part D Prescription plans and Medicare Advantage plans is held every year from October 15 to December 7. This Open Enrollment Period is the only time most beneficiaries can change or join a Medicare Part D Prescription plan or a Medicare Advantage plan. Choices about healthcare plans can have a big impact on both your budget and your care. There’s a lot of information and many options, so it can be helpful to talk to someone who can walk you through plan choices.

One-on-One Counseling During the Open Enrollment Period

During the Open Enrollment Period, the Area Agency on Aging 1-B holds Assistance Days throughout our six-county, southeast Michigan service region. Events are held at senior centers, libraries, houses of worship and other community venues. These events let you meet with a MMAP counselor who can review your current plan, help you compare options and enroll in a plan. Download the full list of 2019 MMAP Open Enrollment Assistance Events.

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If you have questions about your Medicare Part D Prescription plan choices or Medicare Advantage plan choices, please call (800) 803-7174 to speak with a trained counselor.