Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (Monroe County Office)

District 58
Phone: (734) 243-7200
Website: michigan.gov/mdhhs

Utility Assistance

  • State Emergency Relief (SER) program provides limited assistance to individuals and families facing emergencies that threaten their health and safety. Covered services include rent payments to avoid homelessness, house and property tax payments when foreclosure or tax sales are imminent, home repairs, appliances and furniture for victims of fires and other disasters, assistance with heating, electric, and water bills, and burial assistance.
  • Must meet income and asset guidelines. Call for more information.

Housing Assitance

  • Adult community placement provides limited assistance to adults age 18 or older in locating and obtaining supportive housing in a licensed community setting (adult foster care, home for the aged, and nursing facility).
  • Must be on Medicaid.