Community Housing Network

Address: 5505 Corporate Drive, Suite 300, Troy, MI 48084

Phone: (248) 928-0111



Housing Assistance

  • Assists homeless individuals with disabilities, and their family members, find affordable rental housing. The program provides monthly help with rent and services to help maintain housing. The rental unit may be anywhere in Oakland or Macomb counties, as long as the landlord is willing to work with the program, the rent is within the limit, and the unit passes a Housing Quality Standards inspection.
  • Must be Category 1 homeless as defined by HUD: Lacks a fixed, regular and adequate nighttime residence or is living in a shelter designated to provide temporary living arrangements, or is exiting an institution after residing up to 90 days and did reside in an emergency shelter previously. Head of household must be disabled due to severe mental illness and/or developmental disability, and be a resident of Macomb or Oakland Counties.