Blue Water Center for Independent Living

Address: 1042 Griswold St, Suite 2, Port Huron, MI  48060

Phone: (810) 987-9337



Information and assistance, support groups, ramp assistance, advocacy and independent living skills

Ramp Services & Assistive Equipment

  • The center for independent living is an application site for the Michigan Assistive Technology Loan Fund, which offers flexible, low-interest loans to people with disabilities to purchase assistive technology equipment and devices. The maximum loan amount is $20,000. Equipment can include hearing or vision aids, computers, software, wheelchairs, scooters, communication devices and accessible vehicles, as well as ramps and home and vehicle modifications. Loans may also cover the cost of training, warranties and service agreements, as well as Medicare co-payments for covered durable medical equipment. Interest rates range from 5-7%, depending on the type of equipment and length of the loan. Repayment terms are flexible. Credit history, including non-traditional credit records and ability to repay loan will be considered in approving applications.
  • Must be a resident of Michigan, disabled and in need of assistive technology. Person for whom equipment is intended or their family must apply.