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Understand How Your Community Can Better Support Family Caregivers

illustration of different community supports for family caregiversThe Caregiver Friendly Communities Assessment is an online tool that seeks to measure how well a community (city, township, village or county) supports informal or family caregivers (people who provide unpaid care to an aging or chronically ill parent, grandparent, sibling, spouse, partner or other loved one).

Once you complete the online assessment, you’ll receive a custom report containing a caregiver-friendliness score with details regarding the strengths and weaknesses of your community, along with recommendations for areas of improvement. You can use the report to explore our Best Practices Section for each support domain.

Assess your community’s support for caregivers. Visit for more information and to take the assessment today!

Questions and More Info?

We are available to answer questions and provide help. Contact us by email or by phone at (248) 262-9222.

Best Practices

We are in an on-going process of compiling best practices in each of the eight domains. This is a continually developing resource that includes best practices as well as promising new programs. This section is under construction and will be updated by January 2021. To be notified when this section is updated, email

Do you have a best practice you’d like to share? Contact the Area Agency on Aging 1-B by email or by phone at (248) 262-9222.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Inclusion in the best practices is not an endorsement or recommendation for any intervention or program.